Monster Shopping Trip

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Hairy Henry and his friends

Hairy Henry is a handsome green monster. He lives in a small house in the forest. All his friends live nearby. Loony Lou lives in a cave round the corner and Gorgonzola lives in a large tree stump. Gorgonzola thinks she is Hairy Henry's girlfriend. She's a big, purple monster with pink spots and one eye.


Soon it is Hairy Henry's birthday. The only problem is that he can't remember how old he is. Loony Lou and Gorgonzola decide to buy him a present.
"What shall we buy him?" they ask.
"What about a camera?"
"No, he's already got a camera."
"How about a big box of chocolates?"
"No, he's too fat."
"Well, let's buy him a new pair of shorts."
"No, he's already got some new shorts."
Loony Lou and Gorgonzola just don't know what to buy him.

The friends decide what to buy for Henry

What will they buy for Henry?
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